Make item not bookable X hours before.( NOT DAYS)

Would be great if could set up items to not be bookable Xhours before.
Example, we close our booking for the next day at 20:00 the day before trips. All the other day remain open for booking.
So at the moment, we go thourgh each item of the inventory and set it to 0, manually every evening.
It s very time customing and annoying.
Would be great if you change that.

Also Set all booking for a day to 0 in the inventory with 1 click.


  • Hello explorer,

    Thank you for using our forums!

    Right now, the cut-off rule will use the same allocation as the item it is being applied to. So, it would only be possible to have the tour cut-off be in hours if the item is allocated per hour.

    However, there are some planned changes to how the rules work and how they are created, including allowing the allocation of rules to be more customisable.

    For the inventory calendar, I believe it is intentionally difficult to change the inventory, just to ensure that the inventory is not accidentally altered. You could close off an evening using an item event instead. Depending on how many items you have, this may be much quicker.

    If you would like any assistance with this, I would encourage you to email us at Then we can take a look at your account and better provide a solution.

    Best Regards,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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