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checkfront is using the native calendar from android and ios at the frontend. But this calendar does not show the availability of the articles. For customers it must be frustrating amd confusing choosing dates with no result. I think the most of us see checkfront mostly on desktop. Here it works fine. But our customers are meanwhile 70 % mobile users! 

I double checked also some other booking systems: airbnb,, lodgify... most other booking sites are using a calendar view showing availability. 

Please build a checkfront calender view with availabilitys shown. 

I fear that this missing feature has a big negative impact on our bookings. 



  • Hi Patrick,

    The mobile calendar (not the downloaded app) should still show the availability within the calendar. Are you able to share a link to your page so that we can take a closer look? 

  • Hey, 
    i mean at the frontend. If you as a guest/customer want to book an accomodation with mobile device and you klick on the dates/calendar.
  • Hi @Patrick,

    Can you confirm that you don't have the option for 'Hide the availability calendar on small screens (phones and similar)' enabled under Manage > Layout > Booking Page?

    Best Regards,

    Brett - Checkfront Support Team
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