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Hi guys,

First let me say thanks, appreciate all the hard work on Checkfront!

The hotel hooked up Trip Advisor's Trip Connect and the landing page that it gets driven to has very poor sales optimization. Essentially the potential guest clicks VIEW DEAL (see screenshot) - TA1.jpg?dl=0 and instead of begin their journey to sell themselves on staying at the hotel they get dropped on a RESERVE page with no hope of converting a lead really (this is a kind of like going for a first coffee with a date and asking her to marry me…. it is WAY TOO quick (customers need to see videos, hotel suites, testimonials etc etc i.e.: market themselves the story of their possible stay).

QUESTION:  Can we use the custom CSS or perhaps API part of the Checkfront to make the person land on our homepage instead of (technically Checkfront passes TripAdvisor the dates of course    

Warm Regards,

Brent H
Director Of Marketing
The Francis Boutique Inn


  • Hi Brent,

    Thanks for your question!

    Our integration with TripConnect was designed to take the user directly to the booking location, which happens to be the customer booking page (/reserve.) This is supposed to be similar to if you were using other channels, such as Expedia or on TripAdvisor. The customer wouldn't be taken to your website or an informative funnel if they choose a channel like Expedia. Instead, they'd be taken directly to the place where they can make the booking.  

    I'm afraid that our integration with TripConnect isn't very flexible at this time, so we don't offer a way to change the destination URL. That being said, it would be a great feature request!

    You can add custom CSS to your hosted booking page in your Checkfront account at Manage > Layout > Booking page > CSS editor.

    Checkfront Developer
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