Edit bookings post creation issues


Editing an existing reservation has some issues. Or am I the only one....:-x

For example I want to edit dates for an inventory item but I cannot change it. In the
edit box: the rate disappears and I can not select the actual item
i am trying to edit. My workaround: I have to remove it + add a new item and book the item again.
BUT now in the invoice total price is wrong. It still adds the old item prices to the total cost.
I made a support ticket.
Any other users have a better work around apart from making the reservation void and creating a new one?



  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Hi Jon,

    Are you using Safari?  There was an issue discovered with editing bookings through Safari. 

    This has been resoled.


  • Hi Jason,

    Please find below my support ticket I sent today. Hope you guys can resolve this properly.

    Could you please check this option. It's a disaster to use it!

    I am sure you must be aware so I would appreciate a little more communication from Checkfront. Jumping to conclusion and scream mission accomplished is far to easy. Just to be clear - I love your product but it has some serious issues and this is having an impact on my business.

    Example: Booking ID KXSD-110411

    I made a post booking change. It's not straightforward just to add a basic item due to the dates. For example i needed to add 2 transportation items but it booked 4 transportation items (booking ID is in a pending status). I choose the same days in both the date boxes (08/06/11) and in Qty I input #1 (or am I doing something wrong? If I am then you need to explain this much better). The following is more important. Once updated it shows me that i have double ups. So I remove the double ups and it looks perfectly fine in the pending status invoice. Satisfied I change the reservation status to "reserved" and the automatic notifications are sent. But to my horror I see the double ups appear in the invoice again. The good thing is that the price is correct. It did not add the double up prices to the total. It's only the item description that has not been removed.

    The result has a negative and confusing impact and hope this will be resolved very soon.

    Any one else has this issue?

    Kind Regards and goodluck troubleshooting,

  • I also have this issue, some edited bookings appear multiple times in booking reports, with the same reference number but showing different amounts.  This is confusing for example when you run a list of upcoming bookings.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront

    Our latest update should resolve any issues mentioned here.  We also have updated the language to be cleared as to the the required date.  So for nightly bookings, the end date should be the "Checkout date", not the final day.
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