[Solved] Item qty 2?

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[Solved] Item was set up to use 2 by default but only has one available. 

Ok, so I'm new to this so I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong but here goes.

I'm doing an item call with a date range in the console:  item/4?start_date=20170716&end_date=20170717

It returns the item  but acts as if I ask for a qty of 2 and throws an error because there is only one item:
"qty": 2,
        "rate": {
            "status": "ERROR",
            "available": 0,
            "summary": {
                "title": "Unavailable"
            "sub_total": "100.00",
            "error": {
                "id": "OVERBOOK",
                "title": "Only 1 available",
                "data": {
                    "src": "rule",
                    "event_id": 0,
                    "level": null

Any idea what I might be doing wrong? 
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