Sub SKU under primary item SKU

We have multiple items that are the same. We don't want to have them as separate items as that would create a very long list. Currently they are listed under one item SKU with the inventory set for the required amount. Our problem is keeping track of returned items for specific customers. If we have the same item returned by multiple customers we need to make sure who has returned each item. Sometimes customers return items when we're not here. Or we have a very busy day and might forget to check off a returned item. Then a few days later we notice we are missing an item and it's really hard to know which customer hasn't returned it.

If there was a sub SKU number which we also label on the actual item we would be able to keep track of our inventory more efficiently. The only work around I can see at the moment is to manually enter our own sku number on the day of hire. The is not ideal as we would have to remember to do this and there will always be times when staff forget. We wouldn't be able to allocate the sku number at time of booking as it would be too complicated to know which sku number to use with multiple items booked on different days for different time periods.

The problem is compounded because if we don't notice something hasn't been returned it disappears off the dashboard the next day. At the moment we have to remember to check off a returned item. We might not notice an item hasn't been returned by someone for a few days. If we have forgotten to also check off an identical returned item we're left with the situation of not know which customer failed to return and which one did but we just forgot to check them off.

In an ideal world it would be great to have both the sub sku numbers and for hired inventory to stay on the dashboard until we've physically checked it back in. Though if just one of these solutions were implemented it would be fantastic!

Thanks team.


  • I think I might have come up with my own solution?

    Create individual items for every single identical stock. This will then give it a unique sku number. You can customise the sku number and  also make it the name of the item. ie. Car Seat 1, Car Seat 2, Car Seat 3 etc. Set the visibility to staff only and put it in a Staff Only category. Set these items up with a package adding on the generic booking the customer makes online. So when you receive an online booking from your customer the staff change the booking to the specific allocated bike. As the amended booking will be packaged with the original booking it will keep your inventory levels correct when customers book online.

    Do you think this will work. I noticed somebody else has recently posted the same problem with their bike hire business. I don't want to suggest the above fix if you don't think it will work but feel free to pass on this solution if you think it's a good idea?


  • If you have a primary item Male, Under the the Male item you have some sub items like Shirt , Pant, T-Shirts etc.
    To create a good sku number you can take first three digit of primary item and then first three digit of sub item and after that product sequential number like
    MALSHI001(For male item, shirt sub item)
    MALPAN001(For male item, pant sub item)
    MALTSH001(For male item, T-Shirt sub item)
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