Can checkfront make every 7th day free?

Can Checkfront make every 7th day free (so 7 days are priced as 6; 10 days are priced as 9; 15 days are priced as 13; etc.)?

We currently have seasonal item events creating new price points, but I'm not sure of the best way to set up this discount we'd like to offer.

Thanks for your thoughts.


  • Hi Adrian,

    We can definitely do this through the use of Tiered Pricing Structure. Tiered Pricing will allow you pick a certain duration and change the price point based on that booking, exactly as what you are trying to achieve. 

    So when creating this tiered pricing, you will be able to change the price point of a 7 day booking, 10 day
     booking and so forth. 

    Take a look at this method and see if this works for your needs here:

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    Hi Aaron (still here?),

    This tiered pricing solution suddenly stopped working late in 2018. Nothing was changed on our end so we're guessing a CF update broke the functionality. What is the best way to achieve this "7th day free" outcome in 2019?

    While the 2017 solution was good enough and we'd love to have it working again, I should point out it was NOT perfect because it technically lowered the rate for all days by one-seventh whenever an order exceeded 6 days. There was no threshold beyond week 1 to encourage longer (2- or 3-week) reservations. The ideal solution would make a 12-day booking cost the price of 11 days so that customer could only earn a second free day by adding 2 days (bringing the total to 14).

    We fielded complaints and applied the discount manually during the high season, but now that Christmas is past we'd love to get this working before business picks up again. Many thanks.

  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi Adrian!

    Thank you for the reply.

    Given that implementing such a discount can greatly depend on the items' configurations may I ask you to submit a ticket to so that we can dig into your exact use case?

    It's likely that the same approach, tiered pricing, will be necessary but there may be some ways to make the pricing respective to more lengthy reservations too. Some testing is necessary so we would appreciate an email with account information and perhaps an example item with pricing details.

    Additionally, there haven't been any recent updates to how pricing works in Checkfront so we'll be happy to investigate why the method seemed to stop working in late 2018 for you.

    Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Talk soon,

    Checkfront Support Team
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    Thanks Brittany,

    Here's the relevant ticket.  We posted here hoping to grab Aaron's attention.

    We're looking forward to what you discover.

  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi Adrian,

    Thank you for getting back to me.

    I have replied to the existing email thread with a custom video outlining a possible solution for your regular season weekly rate discount and I will also loop Aaron into the situation for any insight he may have.

    Looking forward to further assisting via the email conversation.

    Talk soon!

    Checkfront Support Team
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