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Hi there,

We are a new startup company of Online Travel Agent focused to selling accommodation. Do you have a solution to integrate your API to our website to search accommodations based on locations etc and present to our web users and there by many bookings.

Is there a qualification criteria to be eligible for the programme?

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  • Aaron_CheckfrontAaron_Checkfront Checkfront
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    Hi Omer,

    I'm not too sure if the API is capable of doing location based searches but we do have an API documentation page you can take a look at here:

    I'll check with our dev team as well but I'd love to know more information as to what type of search technology you are looking to make with our API. Are you able to elaborate more?

    If you'd like to work closer with our support staff here regarding this, you can also email us on

    Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Kind regards,
  • Hello !

    There is any update about this ? 

    I want to use the Checkfront API to check for availability in multiple establishments on Checkfront. Is that possible ?
  • Hi kboudrari,

    Thanks for using our forums.

    In order to query a Checkfront account for availability, you would need to have API access credentials for that specific account. This means the only way to query multiple establishments would be if you have acquired credentials for all of those accounts and then connect to each one individually. 

    There is no way to make a single query that would check the availability of multiple Checkfront accounts.

    Please let me know if you have any more questions or feel free to reach out to

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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