Paypal error - Cart amount doesn't match order amount

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Has anyone ever seen this error while trying to check out with paypal: The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts.

Tried switching to Google Checkout but that's even worse, a $420 plus tax order turns into $4,200 w/ no tax.

I put in a support ticket on Feb 23 (yes, over a month ago) and I've been told twice "its being looked at" though my developer account status doesn't give it a high priority (kind of a Catch 22 since I don't want to shell out $65/month to upgrade something that doesn't work).

Thoughts would be appreciated!


  • I've been using Paypal with Checkfront for the past 6 months and haven't seen that error. 

    What sort of tax setup do you have?  Flat rate, per booking, per day etc?
  • I've got this problem idea why it's occurring.
  • Same problem on percent taxe/
    For example, I've a sub-total of 456€ and a taxe at 3,4%.

    The result must be 15,51€ and 13,68€ is displayed !

    The error occur before processing payment, in the cart

    Hope this problem will be fixed soon.
  • We are having the same issue, however it is when someone adds on a package.
    We have no taxes or coupon codes, just additional packages.
    From the get go, out of the box, the product does not work.
    Not a good start.
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