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Hi, we are switching over from ResNexus, which has a complete Housekeeping reporting system for rooms and when they are clean/dirty, etc... See the screenshot here.

The Housekeeping should let you know when a room is going to turn over, whether it's clean or dirty and other aspects of the PDF I've attached.

This is of critical importance to the Housekeeping staff and now, in transition, we are losing this feature in order to gain others.

In the meantime, someone be able to advise how to use the system to see all guests coming up for checkout?


  • Hi Tony,

    That is unfortunate to hear that, but we hope that you find the best solution for your business! 

    Thank you for this feedback as well and we will be looking into the feature on the topic. We know that we can definitely add more in Checkfront and we're currently working on defining and building Checkfront to match these types of needs. 

    As for your question. You can go to Booking -> Index and change the "Date" filter to the End date. You can then specify how many days in the future do you want to see for Check outs. 

    Aaron Amurao
    Customer Support Specialist/Forum Admin
  • H Aaron,

    Circling back on this.

    We don't want to just see the end date. We need to assign a housekeeper to a room. We need the housekeeper to mark the room cleaned, so we can make it available for the next guest.

    What is the status of a housekeeping module for Checkfront, please?
  • Hello tonyzeoli,

    Thank you for using our forums!

    There are no immediate plans to add a 'housekeeping' module to Checkfront. I think this would be a great addition and could be very helpful for our users that offer accommodations. But Checkfront is a very broadly used tool; it is used by many across many different industries. As such, we try to focus on improvements and features that will have the most benefit for the most users.

    That being said, it is possible to manage some of these requirements right now by using different 'statuses' and 'notifications'. 

    When a customer checks-out, your staff can change the status of the booking to be something like "Housekeeping". This status can even trigger a notification to your housekeeping staff to let them know they can clean the room.

    After cleaning the room, your housekeeping staff can then change the status of the booking to something like "Cleaned", which could trigger another notification to your front-desk staff. Your staff can also use the 'Customer Calendar' to check the previous booking and see what status it is in.

    Statuses can be managed under Manage > Layout > Statuses.
    Notifications can be managed under Manage > Notifications.

    I am sorry there is not a simpler way to manage this, but I hope this may help for now. If you have any further questions about this, or would like a demonstration of how we can make this work, could you email us directly at Then I can take a look at your configuration to better understand your requirements.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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