Checkfront Update: Version 3.15 Notes

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Hi Guys,

We got a new exciting update for you with Checkfront including a new integration with Viator which allows you to list your items, sync availability and also receive Viator bookings straight to your Checkfront account! 

We also have a list of improvements and fixes to the Main Booking System: 

  • Improvements to Booking Edit Process

    General improvements to timeslots/packages clearing, tax application, retaining parameter choices, etc.

  •  API: Customer TOS now exists in /booking/form/ response
  •  Sales Report: Added Category ID, Item ID, and Partner columns
  •  Languages: Added Serbian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Armenian languages
  •  Customer Payment Page: Layout improvements for mobile devices
  •  Notifications: 'All Partners' option replaced with 'Attributed Partner'
  •  Developer Console: New option for querying as a Customer (to see non-staff items, fields, etc)
  •  Speed optimizations for large setups using Category landing pages
  •  Sales Report: Now allows selecting future dates for bookings
  •  Fixed long parameter lists on /reserve/ mobile displaying poorly
  •  Fixed cases where updating package parent did not adjust add-on's dates to follow
  •  Fixed conditional form field checkboxes ticking themselves when hidden
  •  Fixed importers failing when used with many parameters
  •  Fixed soldout items occasionally showing as available
  •  Fixed Simple Items parameter adjusting
  •  Forcing Google logins now disables the forgot password flow
  •  Deleting bookings now removes the waiver/document attribution
  •  Notifications now restrict negative date scheduling
  •  Customer Languages now support Mobile Safari browser
Check out the full details here:

Aaron Amurao
Customer Support Specialist/Forum Admin


  • Hi.. This newest update seems to have removed the 'Void' option -- can we please get this back? It was something we used with some frequency. Thanks!
  • Hello AlenaD,

    Thank you for reaching our support team.

    The Void options have not been removed. You would still be able to void invoices that do not have any transactions detail. If the invoice has any transactions it is not possible to Void this invoice. This is not a new change the Void function has always required that the invoice has no transaction record. 
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