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The mobile app should also take payments through our setup payment gateway. When i check customers in it would be nice to take final payment on the same app, vs switching to another app to take payment and back to checkfront to add pos payment. 


  • Aaron_CheckfrontAaron_Checkfront Checkfront
    edited May 2017
    Hi Birnie,

    Thanks for the feedback! We love hearing these ideas for our mobile app! We would be happy to add this to our list of feature request! (I would also like to see this request happen :smiley: )

  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Stay tuned for an announcement on this later in June :)
  • Hi Jason,

    June is almost done ;) where's that announcement :)
  • Hi Jason,

    Any updates? Its July now :wink:
  • When's the Android version coming? Will there be other updates to the Android app as well because as-is it's pretty useless?
  • Hi @parawing742,

    Thank you for reaching out!

    The support for Square with the Checkfront Android app is on the way, although we are unable to provide a specific release date. Additionally, if you have requests for improvements for the app, we are always accepting feature requests. If you would like to provide a suggestion, feel free to email and we will review the request for you and send it along to our product team!


    Checkfront Support Team
  • Great video :) but i need an Android app too :) 

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