Elavon Support for Payment

I would like to suggest that you add Elavon (Costco Wholesale/Elavon) as a payment gateway.  Having looked over the pricing for most products their virtual merchant/converge product is very easy to setup and offers very competitive rates with a costco membership. 


  • Hi Angela,

    Yes thats how im going to set it up, hopefully it works fine :)

    It would be nice to connect directly to the Elavon gateway as they offer very competitive rates and are affiliated with Costco. 
  • Hi Birnie,

    We're always looking for ways to make Checkfront better for our customers and we'll look into feasibility of adding this as a separate addon. 

    More information about Feature Requests here: https://www.checkfront.com/how-we-handle-feature-requests

  • Just a final note it does work with Authorize.net but adds a significant cost over the Elavon (converge).

    The development guide https://www.myvirtualmerchant.com/VirtualMerchant/download/developerGuide.pdf
  • I, too, made a request for Elavon/Converge to be added on. I have not yet gone to Authorize but would be disappointed to hear of significant costs, compared to my current rates. I know other Rental software co. have elavon integration. Probably because it is popular merchant. Costco caters to small business. :)
  • Hi Ana,

    With authorize, you keep your current rates you just have to pay for both elavon and authorize.net payment gateway.

  • Aaron_CheckfrontAaron_Checkfront Checkfront
    edited April 2017
    "Just a final note it does work with Authorize.net but adds a significant cost over the Elavon (converge)."

    It's good to mention that significant rate rise for using both Elavon and Auth.net. I've added that info to our existing feature request in adding Elavon directly to Checkfront!

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