Customer Confirmations Don't Confirm Number in Party

edited March 2011 in Feature Requests
Is there a way to change this?  The system for booking is unnecessarily complicated to begin with, and as a result I field a few email a day from customers asking me to confirm the number they have booked for.  It would be very helpful if the confirmation email also included the number of people included on a reservation.  

Likewise (and maybe more important), would it also be possible for guests to be able to change the number of people in their reservations before entering their customer information? 



  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    You should see the number of people booked in the booking receipt and invoice.  If not, you may be missing a required configuration parameter.  Please open up a ticket with support and they can check your config.

    Always interested in feedback of how you'd like to see the booking process improved, so feel free to share your thoughts there too.

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