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We have our typical rooms in our hotel.  We also have a small bakery on the side that sells a few items. We have a notification for each.  Occasionally hotel customers buy bread to take with them and put it on the hotel bill.  Today the system send out the Bakery Paid email and not the Hotel Paid email notification.  How do we control that the correct notification is sent out? Today we sent out a bakery notification for hotel rooms where the guest had bought a bakery item.


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    Hello TurismoCaNica,

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    All applicable notifications should be sent for a booking; it shouldn't send one or the other. Would you be able to email with the booking ID of a booking where the Bakery Paid email was sent but the Hotel Paid email was not?

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    It did send out both.  We were just not expecting the 2nd one.  Confusing for the customer. It is a single customer order so we need to have some way of setting the "master" notification so only 1 is sent out.

  • Hello TurismoCaNica,

    Thanks for the reply.

    My apologies, I originally misunderstood your requirements. I'm afraid, there isn't currently a way to only trigger a notification for a bakery item if it's booked as a standalone item. Notifications are individually triggered for the applicable items based on the booking status.

    I can see how this type of behaviour would be beneficial to you and other businesses using Checkfront, so I've gone ahead and submitted a feature request to our product team on your behalf. I welcome you to learn more about how we manage feature requests here:

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    Checkfront support team
  • I am too interested in this :)
  • Yes this is needed
  • If I understand your question correctly...  You can associate notifications to specific item.  This way specific emails are sent when particular items are reserved.  This doesn't work when all items are on the same reservation.  You could perhaps add a Bakery Status that would trigger emails related to bakery items.

    I would love to be able to activate any notification manually, (rather than having to change the status to activate that notification).  The ability to manually activate a notification would be a huge benefit.

    I also agree with Steve on the notification Logic.   If I already sent the notification when they reserved, I don't need to send the same info again with deposit and paid...   Or I could have a different PAID notification for people who pay up front and for those who pay the deposit then the whole amount.
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