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I use checkfront for booking process and paypal for payment gateway.  However, I have a problem about a confirmation page. In my case,
after clients make a payment at paypal, they will be redirected to a booking page again.  There is no confirmation page for them.  However, other processes go through. The clients got a confirmation email and the reservation is made.

Anyone got the same problem? can anyone please let me know how to solve it ?



  • I raised a support ticket about this, not heard anything back yet - customers are sent to the checkfront login screen after payment which is very confusing
  • I too am using Paypal and I too see an error page once the ticket is sold and the customer is supposed to be redirected to their 'thank you' page.

    Rather than seeing the 'thank you' page with the ticket invoice, etc., they're seeing a short list of variables on a blank white page:


    The link to this page is long, and when I "refresh" the URL it takes me to the proper page...we'd like to get this resolved so we can start using Checkfront for our main site, but support hasn't gotten back to me on two requests for this problem (once of which was sent in on the 19th of March).
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    I belove this issue is resolved.  This was happening some accounts when clicking from the "Pay now" button from within an e-mail, depending on your Paypal configuration.

    Please let us know if you experience any further issues.

  • Jason - We were seeing it on our WordPress-powered site using the Checkfront plugin, but it's working now.

    Thank you.
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