looking for a wordpress / checkfront web developer

my site http://ridefree.com  we do Motorcycle Tours and Rentals 
Needs to be redone in wordpress Divi, out of the box.  
Using checkfront for motorcycle rentals and tours.
Looking at using checkfront out of the box.
Don't want custom code etc except bare minimum if we have to.
Not difficult job, but tedious...
We have the designed template pages, all content in current site already.
About 12 template pages, and 100 secondary pages.


  • Hello,

    I have over 8 years experience in web development/design and am very familiar with the Divi theme.

    I am a web developer for Wordpress and I have experience within Checkfront Booking system. Have you found anyone to resolve your request to build your website and integrate both Wordpress/Divi and Checkfront?

    Please contact me via email - glenweb97@gmail.com phone - 07495111294 and check out my own website/reviews/happy customers at personalwebguys.co.uk

    I look forward to your reply...

    Kind regards,
    Glen Edwards.
  • Hey Glen, 
    do you have a reference for a website with checkfront integration?


  • http://www.tucsondigitalmarketing.com

    They have done several tour websites for me which generate over $250,000k per year
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