Get current booking for item + add line items to existing booking


We have been creating a custom booking flow for our client using the API. That has worked out OK and they are pretty happy with it. Another feature they needed was to be able to add room charges to existing bookings using the API. The original hope was that we could hook that in with their existing POS. We found a couple deficiencies in the API when we looked into doing this:

1. There is no "Get current booking for room/item in the API". If a guest wants to do a room charge, they just give the room name/number. It would be great if the API had a way to get the current active booking (if it exists) for a room/item. We could do a workaround by grabbing all bookings in a date range, then iterate and find the one with that item ID. That seems very inefficient and error prone.

2. No ability to add items to an existing booking. While we can sort of get around #1 above, this has us stumped. The web interface clearly provides this functionality, so it already exists somewhere. It would be great if it was surfaced in the API. It seems like it would be such a fundamental requirement that I'm surprised more people aren't clamoring for it.

Anyhow, I hope that at least #2 is in consideration for adding to the API. Adding this would allow much richer integrations for those of us creating custom solutions for Checkfront customers.



  • Hi Joel,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Checkfront forums. Our developers have been working on improving the API over time, we just recently released the "event" endpoint to allow querying of item events specifically. However, I'm afraid that the current state of the API doesn't provide functionality for updating bookings. I can see how this would be useful for all our clients utilizing the API and I'd be happy to send your feedback to our product team to review and possibly prioritize for a future improvement. 

    Checkfront support lead
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