Multiple payment options with deposit or pay in full

Hello I have managed to follow the methods to create the option to pay online or offline (internet banking, childcare vouchers etc) using the tutorials. "Book now, pay later" and "Book now, confirm, pay deposit"
Interestingly I managed to automate it slightly (skipping the manual confirmation of availability) by not creating a new status, but sending the notification from the pending status.
My question is, how do I allow the customer the option to pay a deposit, and/or pay in full? Using the "Book now , pay later" method the option to pay vanishes for deposit items. Using the "Book now, confirm, pay deposit" method removes the option to pay in full (and maybe the balance but not sure about that yet).


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    Using the "Book now, confirm, pay deposit" method is going to make it so that there are no payment links on the invoice, however, you should be able to provide the customer with a link to pay either the deposit using the {$BOOKING_PAYMENT_URL} variable in email notifications.

    Then you should also be able to provide them with a link to pay the entire balance using the {$BOOKING_PAY_FULL_URL} variable.

    As for when you are following the "Book now, pay later" your customers should be able to see a "Pay Now" button on the invoice to pay the full balance (there is no deposit payment option with this setup). If you aren't seeing any option in the email notifications to make the payment, a couple of things to check are:

    1. Does the item have "E-Commerce" turned off? E-commerce is turned off for the "Book now, confirm, pay deposit" setup, but not the "Book now, pay later" setup. If it is off, it will remove the payment link on the invoice. You can check and turn it on by going to Inventory > Items > select the item > Pricing tab > scroll to the bottom. You may need to select "Additional Options".

    2. Is the "Pay Now Link" enabled? You can check this at Manage > Layout > Invoice.

    I hope that this helps! If you continue to have difficulties, you can send us a direct email at That way we can take a look at your account for further assistance.

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