This Offer not valid with any other offer / or cannot be combined with any other offer.

We had a situation the other day where clients were booking rooms and getting all these deep discounts that we were not offering.  Turns out it is because all of your Special and Seasonal events are additive including if someone applies a discount code.  So we lost a whole bunch of money for a few days because customers were getting rooms at 40-60% off depending on how/when they booked and the discount codes they applied.

So we need the ability to set a precedence and also declare that any Special, Seasonal or Discount Code, overrides anything else so they are not cumulative.

Most of the time our discounts are % based as are the Discount Codes. And then the Discount code just drops the price anyway. We threw on a Feb month end Special to fill some inventory but it combined with the Discounts for booking 3-6 days or 7+ days...Not good.



  • Hello,

    If you don't want to have discounts apply when you are offering discounts through events I would suggest adding start and end dates to your discounts and make sure they do not overlap the dates within your events.  This would prevent clients from receiving multiple discounts.

    Let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Kind Regards,
  • Hi Cindy.  That typically won't work very well as it is a lot of effort to change all the discounts we already have. One of the new discounts was a March Madness offering a discount.  Doing what you suggested, we would have to break every single other Discount (regardless of type) in to 2 discounts, 1 occurring before March Madness and 1 After. Then if for any reason we shorten or lengthen the March promotion, we have to do it all over again. We also may want to sometimes offer discounts that can be compounded. We often do spot promotion to fill rooms and the most frequent one is last minute deals. We almost alway have a "last minute deal" for people who book with less than 24 or 48 hours. We cannot allow that to compound with our other offers.

  • We still have a big problem with this. I am trying to figure out what you all mean by "Float on top" and "Special events override Seasonal"...Thanks.

    • Special: Float on top of seasonal events. These are typically used to override seasonal pricing, for example, to set a long weekend special or closure.


  • Hello,

    Thanks for reaching out on our forums!

    To answer your most recent question, the pricing set for Special item events override the pricing set with Seasonal item events. This is often used for holidays or weekends, as our documentation mentions. So, if you have a "Spring" price, you can set that using Seasonal pricing, but then if you want to have a holiday rate during the Spring, you can create a Special item event for that holiday, and it will override the pricing set in the Seasonal item event.

    In your case, I understand that you do not want your event pricing and discount codes to be able to be combined, however, we don't have any way of detecting that there is already a special or seasonal event applying and preventing the discount from being used.

    Seasonal and Special event pricing is considered to be a part of your pricing structure, not a discount. The system does only allow one discount to be applied to each item, so if you want to prevent multiple price decreases from being combined, you can try setting them all up as discounts.

    Another option is to only provide your last minute discounts on the first 2 days, so it won't overlap with your 3-6 day and 7+ day pricing. 

    I hope that this helps! Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,

    Checkfront Support Team
  • Except the Special Events do NOT override Seasonal events...which has been my primary problem all along.  We have a Seasonal Event of 10% discount in April.  We also have a Special Event of 25% off if you book 28 days in advance.  The 2 are ADDing together so the result is ((Price - 10%) - 25%). So based on what you said the behaviour should be, this sounds like a bug.

    Also, for Discounts, we really need the ability to specify if the discount is additive to any other Seasonal/Special Events, or Overrides. We provide the discounts codes to many people but had to stop using them because we were ending up with huge discounts that we had to honor because the Discounts are additive. Same with the Seasonal/Special events.  We had to disable most of them

    I realize we could set some of these up with New Price Points but the maintenance is a nightmare even for a small hotel like us.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your response!

    I have submitted a feature request for the ability to choose for a discount code to not be able to be combined with any other special events. If the feature is added, we will be in touch to let you know. You can also watch our updates page here:

    As for what you're experiencing with the Special event and Seasonal events appearing to stack, we'd be happy to take a look at this for you. If you could email our support team at then we can look directly at your account.

    Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.

    Best regards,

    Checkfront Support Team
  • Hi all...Sorry but we are really having a hard time with this and it is causing a lot of problems.  We have business clients that we have pre-negotiates rates with.  We have a hospital that we give specific discounts to and we have certain other groups that we cater to (e.g. ex-pats) that we give specific prices or discounts to.  We also like to use FaceBook offers to give discount codes with a specific price for a package (2 nights plus dinner for a set price).  And we have magazine advertising that offers a specific set price for one of our rooms. At the moment, we have to have everyone phone us and then we set up the reservation and then manually adjust the pricing.  Then the invoice looks silly because it lists whatever other current seasonal or special event is in the system, even though that is not what we are giving the client.  

    What we need is pretty standard capability for most reservation systems.  I travelled for years as a corporate client and there was no manual editing of invoices.  They just added the company name as the discount code and that is what we got.  Did not matter what other deals they were offering to the last minute vacation traveller (or whatever).

    And we are unable to offer any kind of package to a client (stay 3 nights, 1 dinner for 2 and 2 drinks included for $195).  I can set up a package in the system but if I want it to be open to only people who saw it in the magazine or on FB or a certain client category, we cannot do that without them calling us and doing it ourselves.

    In addition to being able to specify if Seasonal and Special and Discounts are additive or exclusive, we need a discount code to be able to set a specific price like Seasonal or Special events do and/or have it enable access to a package.

  • Hi TurismoCaNica,

    Glad to hear from you! 

    We appreciate the feedback you've been giving us.

    We'll keep you updated on the feature request the Kaela has made for you.

    I'll also update the feature request with your current excerpt of your reasons for the need of this request.

    Kind regards,
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