Booking Cutoff Hours instead of Days

Is there any workaround for changing the cutoff time to hours instead of day? For example, our office closes at 7pm, but often we'll get bookings at 11:30pm, which is a nightmare to deal with the next morning.

Any help would be great.


  • Hi Drew,

    Thanks for reaching out on our forums!

    If your items use daily allocation, then, unfortunately, there is currently no way to set a cutoff in hours, only in days. I would happy to submit a feature request to our product team for the ability to choose the units for the cutoff rule. Unfortunately, I'm not able to provide any guarantees or timelines on whether this feature will be added. You can learn more about how we handle feature requests here:

    The best recommendation I can make is to use a cutoff of 2 for your daily allocated items. Also, you'll likely want to apply this rule to customers only, so staff can make exceptions. This will make it so that a customer cannot make a booking for the following day. For instance, on February 17th, the earliest I could make a booking for would be February 19th.  

    I understand that having it impossible to make a booking for the day prior when during business hours, may not be desirable. So my next recommendation would be to translate the error that pops up, which would say something like "This item must be booked 2 days in advance" and change it to "Please call 123-456-7890 to place this booking".

    You can translate this text using a private translation, for which you can find instructions here:

    This way, you will avoid the last minute bookings, but customers can still call in to place the booking during business hours.

    I hope that this helps! Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.

    Best regards,

    Checkfront Support Team
  • Hi Kaela, 

    That's a fine workaround. Thanks for the suggestion. 


  • hey drew can you contact me thanks wil
  • Hello, 
    I have also had issues with this exact scenario. We close at 6:00PM, then we get reservations as late as midnight for 9:00AM the next morning and it can become a massive headache. We have been asking for this feature to be added for over a year and we haven't heard any feedback. This seems like it would be a no brainer as I would think many companies would want to offer next-day service rather than setting the cutoff time to 2 days.

    Honestly moving forward if this isn't added we may be switching booking platforms to obtain this feature.
  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi @Hawk_MYE,

    Thanks for using our forums!

    While specifying a time of day for cutoff is something our Product team may look at implementing at some point down the road, it isn't something we'll be adding in the near future. We are currently hard at work designing some big updates to how items and inventory work in Checkfront, and this will have a major impact on how the cutoff feature is designed in the future.

    In the meantime, a potential workaround could be to manually turn off bookings for tomorrow with a closure event for the following date. Perhaps a closing task for staff. Please feel free to email with your particular use-case and we can take a look at your account and demonstrate this workaround if you'd like.

    Please let me know if you have any follow up questions.

    Kind regards,
    Technical Support Specialist & Operations Lead
    Checkfront | | Email:
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