Slovenian language

we need support for Slovenian language so we can translate fields for our customers. Could you add Slovenian as new language?


  • Hi matija,

    I'd be happy to create a feature request for you. At this time, though, you are able to translate other languages to Slovenian if you'd like.

    You can go to Manage -> Addons -> Languages to do so. Check out our guide here:

  • Hi,
    we need to use 2 languages, English and Slovenian. Therefore i need separate Slovenian language to automatically be translated when browser setting is en_GB or sl_SI.

    I requested this feature already 4 times last year and nothing happened. This is really small update for you with which i'm sure you would also get more Slovenian users. Please enable ad this feature with next update.

    Thank you!
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