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We create discount codes for use by certain booking partners where we offer a discount direct to the guest on proof of purchase. Our partners advertise us to their customers and in return, we offer a discount. Standard practice right.

So we provide them a discount code and the customer comes to our site and books their trip using the provided discount code. It would be ideal to have a note added to the confirmation email by use of something like {$DISCOUNT_CONDITIONS} where conditions entered into a text box in the Discount code definition could be automatically included.

For Example -

Discount CHECKFRONT has a condition of use that the customer must show their Checkfront ID at time of trip departure.

In a text box in the Discount definition there would be written "CHECKFRONT - Guest must show Checkfront ID at trip departure or discount will be disallowed. Standard cancellation terms apply. Discount has no cash value"

The email for PAID status (& others as desired) would include the shortcode {$DISCOUNT_CONDITIONS} to inform the customer of the need to bring their Checkfront ID.

Thanks, Steve


  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    I can see how the ability to pull text from a discount into an email notification would be handy. Especially for cases like you mentioned, where the customer needs to present ID if they used the discount, or it's necessary that they know that the discount holds no cash value.

    I've submitted this feature request to our product team to review. Unfortunately, I can't provide a guarantee or timeline for if this feature might be added. You can learn more about how we handle feature requests here:

    You can also watch our updates page for new features:

    Feel free to let us know if you have any further details you would like to add.

    Best regards,

    Checkfront Support Team
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