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I have my system set up as multiple Categories with multiple Items. My Items start every second day rather than specific days of the week so I have an Event for every possible start date that each Item may be booked.

I want to put specific start dates 'on sale' and have the booking widget installed on my 'Special Offers' page of my website. I want the customer to click onto the Special Offers Page and be able to see all Upcoming Special Offers. Special Offers may belong to multiple Categories.

Discounts may be connected to Items but not specific Events.

I can select the widget to return only the Categories I am interested in & only the events within that Category.

Possible solution is to create a Category 'Special Offer' and duplicate the individual Items within this Category. Events can then be made applicable to the Items in the regular Category & the Special Offer Category. Inventory can be aliased from the Special Offer > Item to the Regular > Item and a Discount can be allocated to Items in one or both Categories. The widget can call all Items in the Special Offer Category for display on the Special Offers webpage. All sounds good but it is a long way to go about it.

I suggest it would be a good feature that when one creates a 'Discount', a flag could be set that would be searchable by using the widget shortcode to display All Items/Events that meet the 'Discount' applicability. This would allow rapid changes to Items available for display on a 'Special Offer' webpage and encourage customers to check back regularly to see what Items have 'Special Offers' today. e.g. Spring Sale Discount could be on a 'Spring Sale' page of my website; Canada Day Sale page would show all Items that are 'on sale' for Canada Day.....Thanks for your consideration. I know we all struggle with how to get rapidly changing conditions in front of our customers.

If anyone has any ideas how I can make this work in a dynamic manner using current techniques or if you have already addressed a similar issue, please share.

Thanks, Steve



  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for your feedback. I'm not sure if I completely understand your feature request, to clarify are you looking for a way to automatically add an option for "Discounted items" in a droplet? Then If a discount runs out on an item, it stops appearing on that page? 

    This sounds like a helpful feature request. You're correct that you can currently use a workaround with a different category and aliased items. I'm afraid that this is likely the best way to achieve what you're after with the current state of the system.  

    Checkfront support lead
  • Hi Mitch, thanks for looking. You pretty much summed it up there.

    Apply a discount to items & events when the discount is created. Access it via Droplet while maintaining the ability to access it via the regular droplet code. Once Discount is done, it disappears from the 'Discount Droplet'.
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