Changing seasonal event "ID" without cancelling and remaking (i.e. change weight)


Recently I had an interaction with one of the support crew at checkfront who told me:

The item events that were created most recently (and have the highest event ID) will override the previous item events. Also, pricing in Special item events overrides pricing set by Seasonal item events.

This was very helpful information, but with a complex booking system and especially during the testing phase it is a pain to have to re-enter events so that they are in the correct order for set up.

Is there anyway you could add a "sort order" or "weight" option to the event category that could make seasonal events override each other (for me it is so that minimum nights will change seasonally) (special events would obviously still override those).


  • Thanks Angela!
  • We need this also.  Too easy to make a mistake and then you have to start all over. We have already had that happen a couple times and sometime you don't find out about it until the customer bookes something and has the wrong price.

  • Hi There,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    We have discussed this type of weights and we do agree with you guys! This is something that will definitely happen in the future but we have yet to have a release for it. 

    We'll be happy to update you when we hear more about this request.

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