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Hi, I realize there is already xero integration, but it really doesn't work sufficiently well when paired with checkfront. Due to Xero's inability to edit paid invoices, businesses that take payments up front must manually enter ALL cancellations and every edit to invoices. At any reasonable scale this takes a lot of time. The tourism industry is pretty flaky so I'd imagine lots of checkfront users take up front payments or deposits and are experiencing this problem. i think a better solution would be to have checkfront create xero invoices and sales credit notes on a per individual charge basis as opposed to a per checkfront invoice basis.

If, say, a pre-paid booking has an extra day-of charge, a new invoice is created within xero with a reference that matches the booking ID, describing only the new charge and amount.

If, say, a booking is cancelled, and refunded, a sales credit note is created in xero to match. Checkfront already has all of the required information.

If, say, a booking is edited, it voids the original xero invoice and creates a new one maintaining the payment. (and then creating a sales credit note if there is any difference refunded, or a new invoice if additional payment is required, for any additional amount.)

This way all of the charges that will eventually have to be reconciled within xero to payment processors or cash deposits will actually match. 

The "Open in Xero" button could be changed to a xero search string for the booking ID reference, so it would display all xero invoices related to that booking if there are multiple.

In it's current state it just generates invoices that can't really be edited easily when businesses work on a pre-paid or deposit required basis. If anything at all in that booking needs to change, xero and checkfront will no longer match. I think it's a bit misleading to call it a real integration in its current state when so much additional manual work is required to actually integrate the two. I'm certain it would save many users an enormous amount of time if this was improved.


  • Hi Battalion,

    Thanks for participating in our forums, and reaching out with your feedback!

    I can definitely see how it would be valuable to not have to manually record cancellations and refunds within Xero. Especially in an industry where you find yourself processing a lot of cancellations and/or refunds, I can imagine that being able to further automate that process would be very helpful.

    I have passed along your suggestions to our product team for them to look into. In order to integrate with Xero, Checkfront uses their API to send them information. Their API has certain limitations, which is why refunds and cancellations currently have to be manually recorded in Xero. Our product team will be better able to investigate whether this workflow will be a possibility with their API.

    Unfortunately, even if it is a possibility using the API, I cannot guarantee or provide a timeline of when these changes might be made. We've received thousands of feature requests, and our product team has to prioritize them appropriately. You can learn more about how we handle feature requests here:

    Thank you again for reaching out with your feedback and a suggestion for a workflow with Xero. Feedback from our clients on how Checkfront could better suit their business's needs is very important to us, and integral to our improving the system.

    Best regards,

    Checkfront Support Team
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