Minimum Night Stay

I can't seem to work out what the best way to have a minimum of a 7 night stay is?

I have a website where customers can book stay at a villa and I have recently changed it to per night pricing thanks to @checkfront_aaron which works better now but I am trying to limit customers to only be able to book Saturday to Saturday and to only have 7 nights or 14 nights etc so they cannot book for 5 nights for example.

What is the best way to limit this and have a minimum of 7 nights per booking?


  • Hi Henry,

    One way clients have done it would be to create multiple items to do sets of nights. They then lock that item (let's say for a 7-night item) for 7 nights under the "Fixed Length" option under the "Attributes" tab of the item. This actually works well with your item pricing too since you only now need to worry about how the 7-night item pricing would look meaning you can use per booking rate since the duration of that item would never change from 7 nights. 

    This set up would lead to a list of items for different duration which might not be desirable but we can cluster them together using Product Grouping (More on how this works here:

    Hope this helps!

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