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I own a small cottage rental business and small Motel unit and I'm in the set-up process with checkfront.  Currently, our rates are based on double occupancy and any additional adults are +20/adult/night and children are +10/child/night (eg: if a family of 3 adults + 1 child = $149 + $20 +10/night)  I'm sure there's a way to set these types of settings with Checkfront, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.  Many of the tutorials that I did found led to broken links, missing images or missing videos.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Thank you!


  • Hi storeytowncottages,

    The setup will work within Checkfront and will be using a number of features that we offer. First, you'll need to create additional parameters under the item's "Attribute" tab for both Adult and Child parameters.

    _(Depending on how you're handling your inventory, you might need to remove the option to "Control Inventory" from the parameter)_

     This will also let us price them differently. Next, you'll need to go to the "Pricing" tab and create a group pricing for the adult and child parameter. You'll need to add a Group Pricing set between "3" to your max number of people allowed in the room.

    I hope this information helps!

  • When I'm viewing my inventory, I have 1s on each day for each of my accommodations.  So I tried as you said and removed the option to Control inventory.  I added groups to my adult and child parameters, and added the prices and values.  When I test this on my booking page, adjusting the number adults or children doesn't change the price.  Also, whenever I try to set the default value of child to zero, it always reverts back to 1.
  • Hi storeytowncottages,

    You might have set a base price to your adult and child parameter. The price should only be on the group pricing set for between "3" and "max". If you add to the base price, you won't see the price change.

    Let me know if you need further assistance.

  • Hi

    I have similar situation. We have a guesthouse that can sleep up to 5 people in total. This can be any combination of Adults and children making up to 5 people.
    I'd like to set minimum price rate for 1-2 adults at £200 per night, then charge additional per night fee for any extra adult or child above this rate.

    E.g. 1 Adult (£200 per night for two nights) one child (£50 per night for two nights)  = £500. I can set up children extra fee ok, but not sure how to configure the adults so it's same price for either 1 or 2 adults and then incrementally more per adult up to maximum of 5.

    Many thanks
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