What Plugin do you use to manage Tracking Code on Wordpress?

Hi all.

I use Tracking Code Manager by IntellyWP to place and manage my tracking code BUT it doesn't seem to integrate with Checkfront.

What plugin do you use to manage and integrate your tracking code on Wordpress?


  • Hello Mark,

    Within Checkfront you can enable the Google Analytics Add-on within Checkfront.  This add-on can be found under Manage > Add-ons in your Checkfront Account.  For more information, please see our Google Analytics Documentation.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind Regards,
  • Thanks Cindy.

    I have the add-on enabled and it has the correct ID and label. I got the ID and label from the conversion code snippet generated by AdWords Conversion tool. Do I not need that code snippet on my site to track conversions if I'm using Checkfront's add-on?
  • MitchMitch Checkfront
    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your reply.

    That's correct, you shouldn't need to use the IntellyWP tracker for Google Adwords as long as you've set up the add-on in Checkfront. We'll add the necessary code to your final landing page for the conversion tracking.

    Checkfront support team
  • Thanks for clarifying Mitch.

    Disabled the tracking code. Ultimately the solution to my issue was removing my thank you page as the redirect was disrupting the data from Checkfront's plugin.

    Thanks again!

  • Sometimes it happens due to not putting code properly in the area where to keep it, You should place it under head code or you can also use Google Tag Manager for once and then you can easily install other tags through it without going technical, here's the easy guide about installing Google Analytics WordPress, you should try plugin instead of pasting code manually.
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