Packaded item with optional date

the update about the packaged items was helpfull. 

We need to offer packaged items outside the date of the main article. For example, if you book a 7 day accomodation and we want to offer the travel/transfer for that, it can be a day before! 


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    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for reaching out with this feature request!

    If you want for your customer to be able to select a date for the transfer that is outside the date range of the main item they are booking, you just need to enable "Allow Parameter Adjustment" on the package add-on.  This allows the customer to select a different date for the transfer/travel, including dates outside of the dates for the accommodation.

    Feel free to let us know if this does not achieve what you are trying to accomplish. If you could provide more detail on what you are trying to accomplish, I would gladly submit a feature request to our product team.

    Thanks again for reaching out!

    Best regards,
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