Order of the items in the booking cart and cleared customer information

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Hello all.

I've two points I'd like to raise.

1) During the booking process in the booking cart, the order of the items are listed as the latest added at the top. We have "apartments", cleaning services", "airport transfers", "plant a tree categories" that are bookable. As you would expect, the customer books the most important item first and this is apartments for us. Then airport service or cleaning service. But now the apartment booking goes at the end of the list although it is the most important item. Considering the customer will always book the most important item at the beginning, the later added items should go after each other in the list.

2) If the customer adds an item to the booking cart and then start to fill up the information related to himself or herself (e.g. name, email, phone, address etc) and then before "book now" button if he or she decides to add another item to the booking cart, all the inofrmation she/he entered disappears which I believe is really bad.



  • I have this same problem.  No matter how I setup the ordering preferences in the settings area it always comes up as you describe, last item to be added is at the top - usually the least important.
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