External Links

When you initially introduced the capability to add an html field to the booking form and have it displayed on the invoice, I was able to write into the associated database field with a link. At some stage during one of your updates, you have removed the ability for this to be displayed, initially on the invoice and now also on reports.

The ability to link out of Checkfront to other platforms, CRMs, etc is seriously lacking within Checkfront. My request is that you provide ability to have a field (or multiple), on each invoice that can be configured to provide an external link similar to the 'Open in Zoho' button but configurable in a manner similar to your webhooks using codes similar to the {$xxx} notification variables. This field could be placed in the left hand sidebar menu. It would be ideal to have as many as I wish so I can link to both relevant internal and external pages, reports, files, etc. The Ideal place to configure them would be in your Admin>Layout page.

Sample links could be to an excel file on my C: drive; To a page in a seperate database; To an external form where more info can be recorded or seen; To your inventory page or the Booking>Daily List page for the start date of the invoice in question; To an external CRM, opening the relevant contact based on the CF customer ID; To a server side script that will harvest the CF information for this invoice........ Possibilities are endless and it would remove the current silo situation.
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