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Is it possible for my app to access the {HOST}/reserve/api/?call=ui_country&country_id=BS and {HOST}/reserve/api/?call=order endpoints? The {HOST}/api/3.0/booking/form endpoint doesn't provide some important region & order info that your hosted booking form is getting from them.

When I make a request to those URLs, I get "Unknown error: Cannot complete request." I would like to be able to use that info in my app, how can I do that?


  • Hi tours_admin,

    Thanks for reaching out on the Checkfront forums!

    Neither of the endpoints you specified can be used to make API requests. What type of important region and order information do you need that you can't access via the "booking/form" endpoint? 

    Checkfront support team
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    Hi Mitch, 

    Here is the info that I would like to be able to have access to.

    1. Each country's individual region names/codes as provided by call=ui_country&country_id={id}.  In the hosted form, when you select a different country than the default, the "customer_region" field is either populated with a select of that country's regions and the label is changed to reflect State/Province, etc or the field is hidden where not applicable.  it appears that by default, the 'booking/form" endpoint only provides region codes/names for whatever locale your CheckFront Company is set up as.  e.g. My "booking/form" endpoint returns a full list of U.S. States, where the example in the API docs shows it returning a list of Canadian Provinces.  So, for me to implement this functionality, I have to build region info for every country that is not U.S.

    2.  The booking summary HTML as provided by call=order that summarizes the details of the entire order. I understand that this could get sticky and a custom solution may be preferred, but having that available would certainly be preferable to none.
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