Custom rule sets

I'm sure a lot of other businesses would benefit from having this function operating. 

I've discovered that the custom rule sets are not able to be applied to specific timeslots or items. 

My business would definitely use rules such as 'minimum amount of booking' or 'minimum items per booking' as some tours are not worth running unless we receive a certain amount of customers for a specific time.


  • Hi Harryha,

    Thanks for participating on the Checkfront forums! I've passed your feature request on to our product team to review. I can agree that the rules could benefit from some upgrades in the future, particularly with timeslot items.

    Checkfront support team
  • We love Checkfront. We agree - 'minimum amount of booking' would be very useful for promotions. We run an accommodation business. We have tested a voucher for returning guests - $100 for bookings of $350 and over. The minimum subtotal rule doesn't seem to work. We moved it down to $100 as we also had minimum duration of 2 nights and it's not clear what a 'subtotal' is. But that didn't work so for now we've had to delete the $350 rule. More customisable Rules would be great. Also most of the Reports assume recordings of payments whereas in the real world, payments may be often be collected/recorded by Airbnb, TripAdvisor etc. Makes the Reports function much less useful.
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