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A couple of related questions:

Most things seem to display based on their weight (either on the booking page or in a pulldown when adding an item) EXCEPT when adding something once you have selected the Category and then if you pick an Item that is a Package and then the list of available items from the package are presented.  They seem to be either in a random order or the order you added them to the package. Should this not be displayed using the weighting of the Item? This would make it a whole lot easier to find things in Packages that have many items.

2nd.  We have many items that are set to display in Packages only. But using the above example when adding an Item, I select the Category, then when I go to select an Item, it shows all the Packages and all the Items...very confusing especially when most of them are set to be visible in Packages only.  Is this a bug or???  If not a bug, it is just as important to keep the clutter away from Staff otherwise entry becomes error prone. We went to all the effort of figuring out how top package items andgive items a weighting so there was some sense of order, but now we see all the Items that are supposed to be in Packages only, still display on the "Item Pulldown". And the Packages allow us to basically put categories of Items on the Client Invoice which looks a little more organized and easier for them to review the invoice before paying. Which is also why we put the effort into determining the packages and a Weighting scheme.

We have a lot of items but only the main items like rooms, transportation and a couple other things are ever displayed to a customer to book themselves.  But we really need the same organization and simplicity for staff.



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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for reaching out again on the Checkfront forums.

    Package items are displayed in the order in which they are added and can be dragged and dropped to easily reorder them as seen here

    Currently, the staff booking page does show all items, even those set to "packages only." I've passed on your feedback to our product team about possibly hiding package only items from staff to help keep things more organized.

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

    Checkfront support team
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    Perfect...thanks...Alway love working on a Sunday  :p

    P.S.  I also noticed in the Pulldowns that Archived categories also show up.  I would take these out...more confusion or problems if someone selects them.
  • Oops...forgot that part...When I edit a Client Invoice to Add an Item.  The Category pull down also shows all Archived categories. I would rather have deleted them as we re-organized our Categories and Packages to make more sense

    I would also be really great to actually Delete Categories you no longer want.
  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you for clarification! I've sent that issue over to our developers to fix. 

    Have a great evening.

    Checkfront support team
  • Hey Michael,

    Our developers have released a fix for this bug, thanks for catching it!

    Let us know if you experience any other issues. 

    Checkfront Success Advocate
  • all good...thanks  :)
  • Hi Mitch - can you re-post that video showing how "Package items ... can be dragged and dropped to easily reorder them" BTW, for public posts on the forum, could you use permlinks rather than links that expire so when someone else has the same question they can find the previous content.  THanks

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    Hi Steve,

    Thanks so much for using Checkfront Forums!

    Here is a revised video on the process for ordering packaged items. I'm sorry the last video tutorial on this was expired.

    Please don't hesitate to reach out for any further questions.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Checkfront Technical Support
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    Hi Steve.  So while Brittany's video is accurate in how to use Sort Weighting to display Package or Parent items (the sort weighting has always worked this way), she is incorrect when she says drag and drop no longer works...It does.

    So open your Item.
    Click the packages tab.
    All of the package Items show in a Light Blue.
    You can click and drag on any one of them to change the display order here and it is also reflected when adding the Item to a Booking.

    The Problem is here...If you have just added a new package item to the "master" item, Drag and Drop will not work unless you SAVE the Item and then hit the REFRESH button on your browser (or go edit another Item and come back to this one).  Once the Refresh happens, then you are able to Drag and Drop any of the package items to new locations in the list.

    We have dozens of Restaurant Items that show up in different "Master" items. People like to order Omelettes for dinner.  So the Omelette item shows up in Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Item Packages. We created the packages to better organize our invoice so people don't get so confused when they check out of the Hotel.  With the Packages, we can organize each meal according to date and have the individual items indented under the "Master" item of DINNER.  Without this our invoices would be a complete mess.

    We also have a different order of package Items in each of the Master Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner.  So we HAVE TO HAVE drag and drop capability for each Master package Item. We put all the typical Dinner items at the top, sorted generally by category of food and then alphabetically so it is easy for us to find items when adding to the customer bill. Then all the weird things like Omelettes for Dinner go at the bottom.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi Everyone!

    There are two ways to rearrange your add-on items. The first being adding them in the correct order as Brittany mentioned, and the second being refreshing the page and dragging and dropping the items.


    Checkfront Support Team
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