More than one Paid Status or Tours Color Coded

When I glance at my calendar, I just see the color purple for Paid.   So my tour guides and I can't take a cursory glance and see which tour the customer has booked for, only that they have paid.  If we could have each tour color coded, the guide and I would know at a glance if they are doing a tour and what tours we have running on a day.   Now, we have to click on each tour to see which tour it actually is.   So either the option to copy the paid status and change the color code or an option to have tours color coded.   


  • Hello setinparis, Thank you for reaching our support team. The colour code on the calendar is based on the status of the invoices. As you are able to create custom status by going *Manage > Layout > Statuses*. You can then have a custom colour for each status. You will need to change the status of each invoice by hand to this status once the custom has made a full payment. This is currently the only way to handle what you are requesting. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
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