Positive Discount Amounts

As well as discount seasons we also have premium seasons for Xmas, New Years, Easter and certain other local holidays.  It would be much easier to be able to put a + discount to increase the price by an amount or percentage for these periods.  We have Low, Regular and High season for the most part.  80% of the year is Regular so it would be easier to make this the standard price and then add in the shorter periods for up and down seasonal adjustments.  

Putting in the High Season prices as the standard rack rate also runs the risk of customers thinking we have over inflated regular rates and then just always have discounts. Not good from a Sales and Marketing perspective.



  • Hi TurismoCaNica,

    You can set up a "positive discount" or surcharge on the base price by using dynamic item events. Using the "dynamic" pricing option on an item event will create a positive or negative charge on top of the base rate of the item. 

    You can learn more about item events here: https://www.checkfront.com/support/docs/inventory/events

    Checkfront support team
  • Yes I did that...but all my Seasonal prices also show up as Discounts under Manage/Discounts which makes it very difficult to figure out which are actually Item Events vs Discounts.  And if I accidently edit an Item Event from the Discount screen (even one that has a higher price), it disappears from Item Event list and become a Discount (even if the Item Event was setting the price higher).

    I'm confused.  And the documentation does not say what the true difference is between the 2. If I am creating an Item Event that has a seasonal lower rate and I use "Create New Price Point" or "Dynamic" , I can create the same thing as a discount using a Fixed Price reduction. So I don't know why I would use one vs the other and the system seems to confuse them also...to the point of removing Item Events if I accidently edit it from the Discount screen.

  • Hi Michael,

    There are some differences in using Discounts and item events but at this point, it really depends on you and what you'd like to use. Item events are commonly used for discounts that are automatically added if the booking meets a certain requirement. The difference with a discount is that you are able to prompt the discount manually based on whether the customer would add a discount code or not. 

    There is a way where we can use discounts work the same as item events. Using an "open" discount (no discount code or voucher), you are able to create a discount automatically apply.

    The reason we recommend item events is because there is a lot more flexibility in terms of how you can change the price. We are also able to create discount under items events that change the price based on the amount of allocated time the customer books for. We cannot do this under discounts. 

    I hope this explains a fair bit more on how these two features work!

    Kind regards,
  • ok...thanks...but why do the Item Events show up on the Discount page?  And if I edit one from the Discount page that I created as an Item Event that had a seasonal price increase, it shows as a Discount and if I hit the save button, it now becomes a Discount of that much, instead of seasonal price increase.  Not good! With multiple account managers it will be very easy to get this confused.
  • Hi TurismoCaNica,

    Thanks for your response!

    It appears that this behaviour that you're experiencing with the item events being displayed with the discounts and also turning into discounts when saved, is an error. I've passed this issue on to our developers so they can look further into this.

    I apologize for the inconvenience, and we will follow up with you when we have a resolution.

    Best regards, 

    Checkfront Support Team
  • Hey TurismoCaNica,

    Our developers have published a fix for this bug, so you will no longer experience issues with discount/item event behaviour. If for some reason this persists, let us know and we'll have another look.

    Thanks for your patience while we worked on resolving this issue!


    Checkfront Customer Advocacy
  • I noticed a couple days ago.  Appreciate the quick response on this.  We were getting into trouble with this.

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