Add a "Reason" code for Cancellations

In the Hotel business we have a lot of cancellations and full or partial refunds.  We need to track the reasons for the Cancellations so we can adjust sales and pricing campaigns based on why the cancellations are happening.

Please add a "Reason" Code to the invoice when it is Cancelled that can be added to reports. We should be able to create the list of reason codes as necessary depending on our business and situation the same way as adding Inventory. Our staff can pick the reason either during the cancel process when they do them or add them after if cancelled by a customer by using the "Cancel URL" that we provide to them in emails.



  • Hi TurismoCaNica,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    We'd be happy to add this to our feature request so that it can be reviewed by our dev team. I do want to give you a work around as well that might work for you in the mean time. 

    You can create different statuses within Checkfront. I believe you can create these "Reason" codes as statuses in your account. When a person cancels, they will revert to a "Cancelled" status, from there, your staff can then switch the status as one of your reason statuses. We can then create a report under Booking Index for any specific reason status you desire. When creating these reason status, make sure the "Lock" column is disabled to prevent the booking from taking availability.

    I hope this helps!

  • Correct...I have already done that. I Set the email notification for CANCEL to go only to Staff.  Then we refund whatever needs to be refunded. Then we set the booking to the appropriate "Cancel Reason Status" and trigger an appropriate email to the client so they know whats up with their cancellation and refunds.   BUT...we have to manually set the status back to CANCEL again because otherwise I have all these invoices hanging around the system with Unpaid Balances. So it looks like we have all these uncollected AR (Accounts Revenue) Accounts...which is not so.  So we are able to send an appropriate email to the client, but leaving it there screws up the Unpaid balances and if I move them back to Cancel, then we can no longer track what the Cancellation reason was.  not good in either case. 

    I also had to set the default DEPOSIT status so no emails are sent because a partial Refund automatically sets it back to DEPOSIT...I now have my own Deposit statuses also.  So except for the RESERVED, statuses we have had to create all our own and intercept the automatic status updates done by the system because in half of the workflows they are completely inappropriate.

    What would be really great is if we could create our own workflow in terms of what paths were allowed and which were automatic or could only be triggered by manual effort.  This would truly make the system flexible and easy to configure the way we need. More like a full blown Workflow system.

  • I agree a cancellation reason code would be a fantastic function to for business operators.
  • I have a lot of weather-related cancellations and I need the ability to track and manage these as well.
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