Discounts have been moved from events

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In an ongoing effort to make the system as straight-forward as possible, we have moved the discount and vouchers from the events tab to its own tab.

This will allow us to build out separate functionality for both the events and discounts, and provide greater visibility for businesses with a large amount of events and discounts.

Although functionally they are for the most part the same, a few small changes have already been applied to the discount configuration.  You can now specify the discount on a per booking basis, vs a per item basis.  

Previously a $5 discount would be attached to an item, and apply that discount times the number if items booked, showing up as a discounted event.  The per booking discount will be applied to the sub-total as a flat discount.  This is useful if you wish to offer a standard discount, regardless of the number of items / people booked... for example $10.00 off any booking.

You also don't need to supply the minus (-) sign when setting a discount percentage.  This is assumed, though it's fine if it's there.

More information here:

Look for more improvements / features to both events and discounts in the coming months.


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