How do I track Cancellation Reasons


We have several different reasons that a hotel reservation may be cancelled and we need to track them.  Putting a note on the invoice does not work as it is too tedious to dig thru all cancelled booking and then extract into some excel report we would have to make.

I originally created 4 custom statuses that were all some version of a Cancel:
Cancel on time - Full Refund
Cancel Less than 2 weeks- 50% refund
Cancel Less than 1 week - Zero Refund
No Show - No Refund

So then we started setting the Cancel to one of the above statuses after processing refunds (notwithstanding the issues related to processing Refunds) but unfortunately the system sets the Invoice back to have a Payable balance. The Custom Status makes it very easy to Scan the historical Index report and see the cancels and the different types.

Any suggestions for a different way to do this so it can show up on a report of some sort that we can analyse?



  • Hi there,

    Thanks for reaching out on the forums!

    Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to create multiple cancelled statuses that will act in the same way as the original system status with the ID of "STOP" where it zero's out the booking balance. The only alternative that I can think of would be to manually zero out the balance on the items in the booking.

    Checkfront support team 
  • if I do use my own Cancelled Statuses, and the invoice is left with a "Balance Owed". what happens to the accounting & revenue reports you have.  I am thinking about an outstanding AR (Accounts Receivable) report that would show all this uncollected revenue.

    Also going to add a "Reason Code" for Cancelled bookings to the Feature request. I will do that separately
  • Hi TurismoCaNica,

    I do understand the issue you're currently facing. I have already added your feature request for our dev team to review and we'll be happy to update you when we have information to share.

  • Any updates on cancellation statuses? I get a lot of cancellations due to weather and would like to separate those from flaky customers.
  • Hi parawing742,

    At the moment, this is not a current priority and is something that would be seen and implemented later once we've finished our revisit of other major parts of the system. There are still plans to make this happen but not in the current version of Checkfront. 

    We will keep you posted and more informed of the new updates we will add in the Checkfront once we release it as well as the next step of Checkfront after those releases.


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