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Hi All;

I have a client who is using QBOnline with Checkfront. Is there any way to tell the Checkfront what account to post the receipts to depending on the type of payment? Right now everything is going into Undeposited funds, which is a pain in the you know what.

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • Hi Angela;

    Thanks for the reply - I have looked at that article, but I don't see anywhere where I can specify if the payment is, for example, POS-Cash, it goes to the cash account, or POS-Visa it goes to the Visa Bank Account.

    I can't do it from QuickBooks Online, either, as the rules are only for the bank account, not for what is coming from Checkfront through the add on.


  • Hi Dawn,

    Our QBO integration can specify which accounts your sales go to based on the default setting with Manage -> Addons -> QBO or under the item's "Attribute" tab. At the moment, this is the only way to specify which account you want sales to go through within QBO. The integration also has a way to determine "When" this gets exported to QBO. This will also be based on the settings under Manage -> Addons -> QBO. 

    At this point, we don't have a way to specify which account it will go to based on what type of transaction you are making.

    I hope this explains our integration a bit better for you.

    Kind regards,
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