New Customer

I went to create a new customer in a test demo of mine and I couldn't find a method.

Will there be a way to create a new customer outside of creating a booking?


  • Hi TomCat,

    Thanks for reaching out.  

    Aside from creating a new booking (either internally through the staff-side portal or externally through the customer booking page), you could also opt to import some customer records.  The customer record importer is a newer feature to the platform, but permits bringing records in en masse to the system after a promotional event, for example.  Look for the import template in the top-right-hand corner of the Customer Directory within your account.  

    The final option you could of course try would be to use customer accounts, which are more dynamic and controllable than customer records.  You'll find the customer accounts accessible under Manage > Accounts within your system on the tab labelled appropriately.  

    Hope that helps.  Keep in touch if there's anything further we can do to assist.


    Aaron B.
    Checkfront Support Team
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