Hidden Items viewable only by Admins and Agents

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I have a transportation service that I want to be able to book only when customers call me or one of my agents directly.  Basically, I want it hidden to outside parties.  Right now, it is viewable, and bookable via my website, which I don't want the world to see.  When I click the node for "visable" on the advanced tab, or if I change the default status to unavailable it hides it from everyone.  Default status of "Blackout" does nothing.


  • Same need here. Some inventory items i want only to be visible in our Checkfront Frontdesk GUI and not visible to our clients. So when a specific request arrives by phone, email or directly at our reception I can add it to his existing reservation.

    Is it a feature request/ in the pipeline. By the way, is there a place
    where we can see what features have been requested, have been approved
    and at what stage they are at?

    I am still not sure what exactly blackout status means. Any light on this?

  • I think the "hidden" box in the advanced tab of the item will do what you need. I haven't used it myself, but I recall seeing that explained somewhere.
  • Hi

    The hidden checkbox will hide the item form everyone (including the admin).

    In order to have a bookable item (hidden)  you would need to put it into a separate category, which you would need to hide from your booking page. This process is fairly simple in WordPress, but needs some custom code for the Dropbox.

    Please see this tread for further help http://www.checkfront.com/forum/discussion/65/using-the-sidebar-calendar-widget-without-a-plugin/

  • Admin only Upsells would be nice -
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