Support for Square Payment gateway

We are planning to use Square's POS system for our business. It would be nice we could use Square as payment gateway with Checkfront instead of signing up for some other payment provider.


  • Hi Saurabh,

    We do have an ongoing feature request for this payment gateway! I'll be happy to add your name to the list of people who are looking for this feature as well. We'll keep you update in any progress with this request!

  • Hey guys...please add us to the list.  We use SquareUp for some of our invoicing when customers book one of our properties. It is a different accounting system for the other property. Which links to my request yesterday to have more than 1 payment gateway and be able to assign it on an item basis.
  • Hi everyone,

    Great news!  In case you didn't get the recent email newsletter, our integration with Square was launched this week.  Kindly see here for more information:

    Hope that helps.  Certainly keep in touch with our support team should you have any further questions!


    Aaron B.
    Checkfront Launch Team
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