How to create the booking with credit?

Hi, every one!
I want to create the service system by credit.
I have 2 payment options
1) The simple option people go online book and pay for the classes
2) We are actually selling packages defferent classes for the price. How could this be integrated with your plugin? After booking the 1 lessons can the client recieved an email letting him know that he has only 1 remaining lession and that he should by another package?

Any way something could be developed for this?


  • Hi Houssam,

    Thank you for writing into the Checkfront forums.

    The only way to set up a credit based system in Checkfront is through the use of "Gift Certificates"

    The process will work as follows →

    You will have to create a "Gift Certificate" item (can be activated under "Manage → Add-ons") for the amount of the credit. 

    For example, lets say 1 class is $20 and you are giving a $100 credit package for 5 classes, but only selling it at $80

    1. For this, create a $100 Gift Certificate item under "Inventory → Gift Certificates → Create Gift Certificate Item"
    2. Go to "Inventory → Discounts → New Discount" next and make the $20 discount. Don't use a discount code, and apply it to the Gift Certificate item so that it is automatically discounted by $20

    Now, when a customer books the Gift Certificate, they are paying $80 (discounted rate) for $100 credit.

    You can then set up a notification for this under "Manage → Notifications", but it is not possible to tell the client when he has one lesson left, as the gift certificate does not have that functionality at this time.

    Give this a try and let us know if you have any further questions.


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