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Is it possible to create a new booking via the API if I have my own form?


  • More importantly how does a session or form get inserted into the API call?  Thanks for any help in advance!
  • Hi kg567,

    Thanks for your question!

    Yes, you can create a new booking via the API using your own form data. In the last step of the booking process (after you've queried the items and created the session) you'll need to send a POST request to the "booking/create" endpoint. This endpoint will accept an array of booking form parameters.

    You can learn more about which specific keys you'll need to use when creating the array of form field data see: and to learn more about the "booking/create" endpoint please see:

    I hope this helps!

    Checkfront support team
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    Sorry, I am pretty new to working with APIs. Thanks for the fast response. Another quick customers do not have to sign up for the site to rent something.  Should I be using oAuth2 or can I just use a token for them to rent from the site.  There is SSL on my site. Thanks.
  • Great that answered all of my questions!  Thanks.
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