Getting "Uncaught ReferenceError: CHECKFRONT is not defined" when using droplet on Wordpress

Hi, I am wondering if anyone has had any experience regarding using droplet on wordpress and getting a reference error resulting in the page saying "searching availability continuously." Does anyone know what the culprit of this is? Possibly another jquery code using a $ reference? I also find that the droplet code doesn't work essentially on any page that has Ajax code... 

Please help. I found one article in 2012 referring to this issue but no answer was posted directly on the question. Thanks!


  • Hello Calvinc184,

    Thanks for contacting our support team today. 

    The issue that you are experiencing is most likely due to your WordPress theme or some plugin causing compatibility issues. The best way to resolve the issue is to use the AnyWebsite droplet. You can go to the Manage > Add-Ons > Website Integrations > Droplet (Any Website), to generate the code and add to the text (code base) of the page. 

    Please let us know if this correct the issue for you. 
  • I've disabled every plugin apart from checkfront, and switched to WordPress' default twentyfifteen theme, so which suggests this isn't a compatibility issue with a theme or plugin.

    I've managed to fix the issue temporarily by commenting out lines 91 & 104 of checkfront.php, which removes the following conditional check.

    if ($Checkfront->arg['widget']  or $embedded) { ... }

    So this hack means line 92-103 will always fire and the issue is fixed. However, I'm guessing this isn't the best way of fixing this, so if someone can offer a more permanent solution, that'd be much appreciated!

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