What does 'available' mean?

Hi, checkfront team,

The API below, availabe=0 or 
availabe=1 or availabe=2 or availabe=100, it seems return the same result?
The 'item' I set is a room, the quantity is 1.

How to use the '
availabe'? Thanks!


Retrieve a list of the enabled items in the system.

Query Parameters:
  • start_date (date) – (rated) Booking start date.
  • end_date (date) – (rated) Booking end date.
  • date (date) – (rated) Alias of start date (for same-day bookings).
  • start_time (date) – (rated) Start time (used in hourly bookings).
  • end_time (date) – (rated) End time (used in hourly bookings).
  • category_id (integer) – Filter items by category.
  • packages (boolean) – Show package options.
  • available (integer) – (rated) Filter to items with at least this many left in stock.
  • keyword (string) – Filter to items with a name containing this keyword.
  • item_id (string) – A comma-seperated list of items to filter to.
  • discount_code (string) – (rated) The discount code to apply to the price.
  • rules (string) – ‘soft’ will prevent triggering date based rule errors, or ‘off’ will disable rule checking.
  • param (array) – (rated) See Booking Parameters.


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