Specification of hours of operation for each item

Right now it is possible to set the hours of operation for the entire system and it will be the same for all items. However, as a business centre, some of our items could be rented from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday, where as other could be booked at any time of day or week.

Is it possible to implement a feature where we can set up a default hours of operation of a business centre, but if necessary extend these hours for some specific items?

That would be very helpful!




  • Hi Milena,

    We do have a feature request we've been following for a while here in Checkfront and we're currently looking to implement this in Checkfront. We'll let you know more as the request progress. 

    Kind regards,
  • Hello, I would like to know what is the status with this request, not sure if the feature has been implemented or not but we for sure could use this feature as our hours of operations are 9 to 6 but the tours offered can end later or early that our office time.....
  • Hi Yukon,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    We are currently in the process of having major changes within the Checkfront app that will affect most of the feature we offer including the way we handle hours of operations. The update is big and requires a lot of moving parts which takes time to implement all at once. This is something that will likely make it into Checkfront but with no release date as we are in the middle of an overhaul of the application at this time.

    Rest assured that progress is happening in the background to provide this type of feature in Checkfront's future updates. 

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