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I provide a hospitality website and support aswell their booking system. now i found Checkfront with a lot of nice feature and impressive design and simplicity in setup and implementation.

 i work in hospitality aswell as exec. chef and because of this i miss something here to make it usefull for a hotel with a lot of rooms. I can not find a occupancy plan in the dashboard or somewhere else. as a frontoffice manager or resident manager you need a plan like this for your staff. each room has a number and you have to coordinate everything about these rooms/numbers. is it free or not? when is the next departure in which room? So far so good.

When i setup my rooms i can setup each room by itself to see them in the overview. but this is just a workaround and not the solution because the channelmanager and OTA can't handle this....

Here i added a example of a solution:


in the left side you see the roomtypes (items) listed with numbers. So next thing is that the setting of numbers has not to be setted automaticly because each hotel has another system. a numbering from 1-89 is not usefull when the hotel dont have a room number 7 for example......

hope you understand and support my request!


  • it is exactly that my client need to get. when does this will be realised?
  • Hi Moncho2,

    Thanks for writing in to the forums.

    The feature discussed in this thread is not available on the system at this time, and currently does not have any ETA or expected release date.

    Please keep updated on any new features at https://www.checkfront.com/updates

    Best regards,
  • i cannot understand. this is a really basic function to manage rooms
  • i thougt you like to provide accomandation aswell. you support channel management and a lot of professional stuff but without supporting room managment all of this is not usefull
  • Hi Moncho2,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Although we do not have this type of feature yet in Checkfront, we do plan to add more features as Nick has mentioned. I believe one possible view that is similar to your screenshot is the Calendar -> Customer view. If you set up your rooms individually, you can then add bookings to those free rooms right on the spot in that view. 

    We do provide accommodation management but features had to be in line with Tours and rentals as well. This doesn't mean we are not going to provide it entirely, there are definitely workarounds for direct features we may be missing that we hope to add in the future.

    Let me know if that view helps!

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